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China-France Business Council Hubei Liaison Office held China-France Business Cooperation Mechanism (Hubei) Seminar

On the afternoon of August 24, the China-France Business Cooperation Mechanism (Hubei) Seminar was held in CCPIT Hubei. Mr. Li Yinghao, the representative of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Sino-French Wuhan Ecological Demonstration City Management Committee and Ms. Zhou Jing, High Commissioner of the Government of New Aquitaine Region in Central China/ Business and Investment Agency of French Consulate General in Wuhan, attended the Seminar. Ms. Li Yun and Mr. Gan Jin, the Chairman of the Asia-Pacific Region Committee and the CEO of Central China Committee of the French Sauternes Envoy Entrepreneurs Association, also participated in the meeting.

Mr. Li Yinghao introduced the current situation and problems encountered of the Sino-French Wuhan Ecological Demonstration City Project, and put forward several suggestions on the cooperation with our council in the fields of health care, medical care, cultural tourism and smart cities under the China-French Bilateral Business Cooperation Mechanism.

Ms. Zhou Jing introduced the functions of the French Business and Investment Agency and the relevant situation of the New Aquitaine Region, and expressed her willing to cooperate with CCPIT Hubei to implement precise docking between Chinese and French companies. She said that due to the COVID-19 epidemic many French delegations have suspended their plans to visit Hubei this year, and hope to promote mutual exchanges and visits between Chinese and French local governments and business communities through the Mechanism platform and large-scale activities of our council in 2021.

Chairman Li Yun gave a brief introduction on the current progress of the French Sauternes Envoy Entrepreneurs Association in promoting green ecology, cross-border e-commerce, biomedical beauty, health care, education, equestrian cultural exchanges and other projects in Hubei, and said that she would like to strengthen cooperation to make the projects more practical and bigger through the China-France Business Cooperation Mechanism.

President Zhang Xiaomei introduced the functions of CCPIT Hubei and the Hubei Liaison Office of the China-France Business Council. She noted that Sino-France relations are one of the most important bilateral relations. With a long history of friendship and close interactions, Hubei and France shared a solid foundation for cooperation. These projects will surely proceed smoothly with the joint efforts of both parties despite some twists and turns in the operation process. In the future, CCPIT Hubei will give full play to the role of the China-France Business Cooperation Mechanism, act as a lubricant, propellant and catalyst for Hubei-French cooperation, and work with all participants to explore new models and opportunities in economic and trade, technology, ecology, culture and truism and even lifestyle, to promote the upgrading of cooperation between Hubei and France.

The relevant division chiefs of CCPIT Hubei participated in the meeting.