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President Zhang Xiaomei Met with Mr. Hu Daoyin, Director-General of Hubei Geological Bureau

  On August 19, President Zhang Xiaomei met with Mr. Hu Daoyin, Director-General of Hubei Geological Bureau.

  Mr. Hu thanked President Zhang for her hospitality and made a brief introduction of Hubei Geological Bureau and its services abroad. He hopes that the Bureau and CCPIT Hubei could have multi-tiered and wide-ranging exchanges and jointly facilitate the building of overseas demonstration bases for production capacity cooperation, access to international market and technical exchanges and the establishment of overseas geological service platform. Resources in domestic and foreign markets should be pooled to boost Hubei’s economic and social development.

  President Zhang extended a warm welcome to Mr. Hu and his colleagues and expressed appreciation to Hubei Geological Bureau for its efforts in supporting companies going global and exploring international markets. Zhang stressed that CCPIT Hubei will continue to leverage its strengths, for instance in networking, exhibitions and legal services, mobilize branches of CCOIC Hubei, share resources with the Bureau and utilize digital platforms of trade promotion, legal service and geological information, pushing for companies’ deeper engagement in international cooperation, better growth and more brand popularity. The two sides would togethercontribute to Hubei becoming a strategicstandindual circulation and realizing greater opening-up.

  Mr. Xiong Baocheng, Chief Engineer of Hubei Geological Bureau, Mr. Liu Jingsong, Director of Quality Supervision Division, Mr. Wang Jingsong, Principal of Hubei Institute of Urban Geological Engineering, Ms. Liang Junjun, Vice President of CCPIT Hubei, Mr. Wang Rong, Associate Counsel and heads of AdministrativeOffice, Foreign Relations Department,International Exhibition Department and Legal Affairs Department attended the meeting.