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Hubei Time at China Pavilion of Expo Dubai——Hubei Day for Expo Dubai Successfully Launched 2021-11-25 Hubei Day for Expo Dubai, hosted by Hubei Provincial Peoples Government, was successfully launched on November 23rd. The main venue in Hubei, virtually connected to China Pavilion of Expo Dubai, presented opening ceremony, Expo Dubai online tour, pict… Read More
‘Gathering in Heroic Land Joining Hands for a New Chapter'------Promotion Event for Hubei–LAC Trade & Investment’ A Full Success 2021-04-29 A reborn Hubei increasingly attracts worldwide attention. As a follow-up to the special event of Ministry of Foreign Affairs presenting Hubei Province to the world, an envoysdelegation from LAC countries come to Hubei to feel the vigor and vitality of… Read More
Promotion Event Themed as ‘Meet at the Land of White Clouds and Yellow Crane Let Hubei's Premium Products Go Global’ A Full Success 2020-11-21 On November 19th, Jingzhou Hall of the East Lake International Conference Center was teaming with guests and in an electrifying atmosphere. The promotion event of Hubei premium products, organized by CCPIT Hubei at the 20th Conference on Overseas Chin… Read More
Leverage the Platform of CIIE to Innovatively Promote Trade and Investment Cooperation 2020-11-08 CCPIT Hubei Successfully Hosting Hubei Reception and Conducting Business Activities at CIIE To make full use of the platform and resources of the 3rd China International Import Expo, present to the world the new image, new achievements, new str… Read More
Promotion Activities of Hubei Staged in Macao——Hubei business delegation successfully visited Macao 2020-10-27 In order to display a new look of post-pandemic Hubei, introduce new advantages and strengthen cooperation between Hubei and Macao, at the invitation of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute, Ms. Zhang Xiaomei, president of CCPIT Hubei, l… Read More
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