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Dialogue on Cooperation, Jointly Create a Better Future—CCPIT Hubei and AmCham China Co-hosted a Video Conference for a Dialogue between Government and Foreign-funded Enterprises on Work Resumption

  On April 30, CCPIT Hubeiand AmChamChinaco-hosted a video conference for a dialogue between government andforeign-funded enterprises to help business address difficulties in workresumption. Mr. Zhao Haishan, Vice Governor of Hubei Province attended thedialogue and delivered remarks. Mr. Liu Zhongchu, Deputy Secretary-General ofHubeiprovincialgovernment chaired the meeting. Ms. Cynthia A. Griffin, Minister Counselor forCommercial Affairs, US Embassy in Beijing, Mr. Greg Gilligan, Chairman ofAmCham China and Mr. Alan Beebe, President of AmCham China joined the talks andexpressed attention and support to Hubei’s efforts in fighting COVID-19 andpost-pandemic recovery as well as full confidence and expectations for Hubeisdevelopment and further cooperation. Heads of Wuhan Municipal Government andnearly 20 departments at provincial and municipal levels, along with over 100representatives from 69 foreign-funded enterprises participated in the event.

  Vice Governor ZhaoHaishan made remarks. He delivered appreciation to AmChamChinaand its member companies for their supportinHubei’scombat over the pandemic and post-pandemic recovery.Hubei’s COVID-19 prevention and controllevel has shifted from exceptional emergency to regular. Decisive outcomes havebeen secured in the battle of protectingHubeiandWuhan. Atthe critical moment when the province is trying to resume production andrecover, it is of immediate importance for CCPIT Hubei and AmChamChinato hostthis dialogue. The impact of the pandemic is short-lived and temporary whileHubei’s strengths ingeographic location, industry, science and education and production factorsremain unchanged.Hubeiwill be more targeted in communication, strengthen policy support, improvebusiness environment and do a good job of attending business. With greatestsincerity and utmost efforts,Hubeiwill provide foreign-funded enterprises with better services and create abetter development environment. He sincerely hopes that entrepreneurs will beoriented to future, grasp the trend, stay, invest and develop inHubeiand harvestwin-win benefits amid their engagement in the province’s recovery.

  President Zhang Xiaomeiof CCPIT Hubei noted that the organization, as a vital link between HubeiProvincial government and business community, earnestly implements decisions ofstabilizing foreign investment and foreign trade. After COVID-19 outbreak, itimmediately set up an online platform for legal service, offered free legalassistance and issued force majeure certificates. CCPIT Hubei also launched aprogram entitled ‘Restart and Fast-Forward for a Win-win Future’, expressingmessages of support to consulates general, business organizations and keyforeign-funded enterprises in Hubei and help address their possible difficultiesin work resumption and made an online research on 793 companies. It innovatedits working methods, held a string of online seminars about commercial law ande-commerce and did charity marketing forHubeiquality products. Besides, it also recommendedHubeicompanies to participate in China-Latin America (Mexico) International Trade DigitalExpo. With all-out efforts, CCPIT Hubei does its best to shore up marketentities, help safeguard market entities and market shares and advanceHubei’s post-pandemicrecovery.

  Mr. Xie Chongwei, vicepresident of GM China, Ms. Li Meng, vice president of Corning Greater China andMr. Xiang Yongdong, general manager of power system business of CumminsChinabriefed on current general situation ofAmerican companies inChina,difficulties confronted in work resumption and shared their suggestions.

  Officials from WuhanMunicipal government, office of Foreign Affairs Committee of the CPC HubeiProvincial Committee, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission,Department of Economy and Information Technology of Hubei Province, Departmentof Finance of Hubei Province, Human Resources and Social Security Department,Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, Health Commission of Hubei Province,Hubei Provincial Tax Service, State Taxation Administration, Local FinancialSupervision and Administration Bureau, Wuhan Customs District P.R.China andExit and Entry Administration of Public Security Department of Hubei Provinceresponded to problems facing foreign-funded companies and gave detailedexplanation of policies. Both side had candid and heated exchanges.

  CCPIT Hubei willconsistently play its role, proactively deepen international cooperationagainst COVID-19, convey the voice ofHubei,accelerate building a law-based, international and facilitating businessenvironment, attract more companies to know about, invest in and grow inHubeiand contribute toeconomic recovery.


  Vice Governor Zhao Haishan makes remarks at the dialogue


  Mr. Liu Zhongchu, Deputy Secretary-General of Hubei Provincial Government chairs the dialogue


  Ms. Zhang Xiaomei, President of CCPIT Hubei delivers a speech


  Mr. Greg Gilligan, Chairman of AmCham China delivers a speech


  Ms. Cynthia A. Griffin, Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs, US Embassy in Beijing delivers a speech


  Vice Governor Zhao Haishan and Chairman Greg Gilligan talk online


  Vice Governor Zhao Haishan makes remarks at the dialogue


  Officials from nearly 20 departments at provincial and municipal level respond to problems facing foreign-funded companies and give detailed explanation of policies


  Vice Governor Zhao Haishan visits CCPIT Hubei


  Vice Governor Zhao Haishan visits CCPIT Hubei


  Vice Governor Zhao Haishan visits CCPIT Hubei