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‘Gathering in Heroic Land Joining Hands for a New Chapter'------Promotion Event for Hubei–LAC Trade & Investment’ A Full Success

  A reborn Hubei increasingly attracts worldwide attention. As a follow-up to the special event of Ministry of Foreign Affairs presenting Hubei Province to the world, an envoysdelegation from LAC countries come to Hubei to feel the vigor and vitality of this heroic land. 34 envoys comefrom 21 countriesincluding Uruguay, Jamaica, the Bahamas, Ecuador, Peru, Dominica, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Chile, Suriname, Colombia, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Guyana, El Salvador, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, Brazil, Grenada, Mexico and Haiti.

  On April 28, CCPIT Hubei organized a promotion event for Hubei–LAC Trade & Investment themed as ‘Gathering in Heroic Land Joining Hands for a New Chapter’. Mr. Zhao Haishan,Vice Governor of Hubei Provincial People’s Government,Mr. Cai Wei,Director-General of the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, envoys from LAC countries and representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, departments at provincial level, local branches of CCPIT Hubei, industry associations, enterprises and media, nearly 300 people in total, joined the event. Mr. Liu Zhongchu,Vice Secretary-general of Hubei Provincial People’s Governmentmoderated remarks session andMs. Zhang Xiaomei, President of CCPIT Hubeimoderated business presentation and Q&A session.

  Vice Governor Zhao Haishan mentioned that last year was an extraordinary, unusual and unforgettable year. With the support of people from all over the world, including people of LAC countries, the province waged a war against COVID-19 pandemic. Hubei has a long history and a firm foundation of cooperation with LAC countries and has carried out fruitful and practical results in such fields as agriculture, infrastructure, hydro-power, forestry resources development, automobile and equipment manufacturing. More endeavors will be made to expand opening-up, improve business environment by international standards, develop into animportant pillar in the domestic circulation and a strategic link between domestic and international circulations, release potentials and promote cooperation between Hubei and LAC countries to a new level.

  Mr. Cai Weisent his regards to the people of Hubei for winning three battles against pandemic, floods and poverty. China and LAC enjoy broad prospects for cooperation in economy and trade, investment, people-to-people exchanges and education and he expected a better future for Hubei and China-LAC relations.

  Mr. Fernando Lugris, head of the delegationand Ambassadorof Uruguay to China, expressed his gratitude to all heroes in fightagainst the pandemic. Government of Uruguay sees its comprehensive relationship with China as a key strategy for sustainable development and has increased cooperation under each of the five BRI priorities.Two countries couldmultiply efforts to engage in more specific trading services, such as tourism,logistics, financial services, information technology and arts.Delegation would be at disposal to help Hubei strengthen ties with the region.

  Mr. Antonia Hugh, Ambassador of Jamaica to China, believed that the event would facilitate establishment of meaningful connection served to embark economic future of respective LAC countries. Economies of Hubei and LAC countries are quite complementary. Delegates fully praised proposals in elevating collaboration by looking at opportunities in renewable energy and reaffirmed commitment to expanding trading and economic relations as forging stronger people-to-people exchanges.

  Theenvoys had in-depth exchanges with Hubei business communities. CCPIT Hubei invited more than 70 enterprises and industry associations in agri-food, infrastructure, machinery and equipment, communication technology, health care, trade, logistics, material, chemical industry, energy conservation and environmental protection and tourism. Representatives from China Gezhouba Group International Engineering Co., Ltd, Changjiang Survey Planning Design ResearchCo., Ltd, Hubei Technology Market Association, Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company, Hankoubei Import & Expert Service Co., Ltd, CRRC Yangtze Group Co., Ltd, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltdmade presentationson their business projects and development plans in LAC countries. Milalion Tools Co.,Ltd and Hubei Airports Group Co.,Ltd raised questions of their concerns.

  Delegates showed great interests in exchanges and offered a list to CCPIT Hubei in advance which specifiedareas open for cooperation, infrastructure, new energy, agriculture, automobile manufacturing, trade and logistics, to name a few. After answeringquestionson how toopen up marketand devote to economic and social development indestination country, they held one-on-one meeting with entrepreneurs.

  Video 'Highlights of LAC Countries' revealsunique charms of 21 LAC countries in one sitting. Entrepreneurs gained a deeper understanding of the beautiful and culturally-diversified region and had stronger interests in cooperation. Envoys watched clips featuring Hubei's indigenous products and were deeply impressed by the province reborn for new glories.

  At the site, a small exhibition themed‘A Taste of Amazing Hubei, A Glance at Fantastic LAC’ raised curtain.21 countriespresented promo materials like pictures, videosand brochures, vintages like rumand red wineand local products like chocolate, milk, coffee, cigars and even amethyst. 24 exhibitors based in 9 cities of Hubei from such industries as agriculture, food, equipment manufacturing, 3D printing, biotechnology, new retail, medical protective materials,broughtregional delicacies and competitive products. Vice Governor Zhao Haishan, Director-General Cai Wei and envoys toured the exhibition.

  The delegationexpressed admiration for Hubei’s achievements inpandemic preventionand control and economic recovery. More efforts would be made in fostering exchanges and cooperation in trade, investmentand science and technologyto deliver real benefits to people. Companies of Hubei garnered first-hand information ofLACcountriesand will actively integrate into global industrial chain and value chain, optimize international businessand enhance new advantages in international cooperation and competition.

  CCPIT Hubei will give full play to theunique role as a bridge between government and enterprise, a link between domestic and foreign markets and a connection between suppliersand consumers, make more contacts with LAC countries, build diverse platformsfor trade and investment, boost connectivity in capital, technology, products, talents and other elements under dual circulation development paradigmand make due contributions to Hubei's higher level of opening up.

  ‘Gathering in Heroic Land Joining Hands for a New Chapter'------Promotion Event for Hubei–LAC Trade & Investment’was successfully held.


Vice Governor Zhao Haishan gave remarks.


Mr. Cai Wei,Director-General of the Department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave remarks.


Mr. Fernando Lugris, head of the delegationand Ambassadorof Uruguay to China gave remarks.


Mr. Antonia Hugh, Ambassador of Jamaica to China, gave remarks.


Representatives from enterprises and industry associationsmade presentations on their business projects and had discussions with envoys.


Watching video 'Highlights of LAC Countries'


Touring exhibition: A Taste of Amazing Hubei, A Glance at Fantastic LAC


Vice Governor Zhao Haishan visited booths of LAC countries.


Ambassador presented wine of Chile in person.

 Vice Governor Zhao Haishan took a group photo with envoys.