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18 Hubei companies listed among China’s top 500 private companies 2019

  On August 22, China’s top 500 private companies were unveiled at a summit held in Xining, Qinghai Province.

  Eighteen private companies in Hubei are listed, three more than in the previous year, outnumbering other provinces in central China and seventh nationwide.

  Jointown Pharmaceutical Group ranks 67th with a turnover of 87.1366 billion yuan, while Zall Holdings moved up two places to 77th, with a turnover of 82.26308 billion yuan.

  Tri-Ring Group and Wuhan Lianjie Energy enter the top 500 for the first time, ranking 387th and 478th, respectively.

  The ranking was established on the basis of the turnover declared by the companies and then reviewed by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce of China. This year, Huawei remains in the lead with revenues of 721.202 billion yuan, followed by HNA Group and Suning Group with revenues of 618.29289 billion yuan and 6024.5624 billion yuan.