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Top 100 enterprises 2019 in Wuhan released

  The top 100 enterprises in Wuhan were released today. Dongfeng Motor Group, China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, China Baowu Steel Group (Wuhan) and China Gezhouba Group Corporation remained top 4, the same as last year.

  In line with international practice, principle of voluntary application and revenues in 2018, the rankings were divided into three sub lists, namely, the Wuhan top 100 enterprises, top 100 manufacturing enterprises and top 100 service enterprises.

  The list of Wuhan top 100 enterprises presents the leading representatives in the city from various sectors on a comprehensive basis. The change of it reflects the trend of the city’s economic development to a certain extent. This year, the threshold for the ranking stands at 3.41 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 3.77 percent. The number of enterprises with revenue exceeding 100 billion yuan remains steady at 4 and exceeding 10 billion yuan reaches 44, three more than that of last year.

  China Information Communication Technologies Group Corporation is the only new face among the top 10 on the list of Wuhan top 100 enterprises.

  All the listed top 100 manufacturing enterprises must exceed 153-million-yuan mark in revenue of last year, up 5.51 percent and only the service-sector enterprises with revenue outnumbering 201 million yuan could be nominated, 85 million yuan more than last year. ( by Ruan Xinqi)