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Hubeis foreign trade exceeds 100 bln in first four months

  In the first four months of 2019, Hubei’s foreign trade turnover amounted to 107.32 billion yuan, up 15.4 percent year on year, realizing 11.1 percentage points higher than the national average, according to statistics released by the Wuhan Customs on May 10.

  Exports rose by 14.6 percent to 67.96 billion yuan, while imports grew by 16.7 percent to 39.36 billion yuan, which were respectively 8.9 and 13.8 percentage points higher than average national level.

  In April, the overall import-export volume of Hubei Province expanded by 12.9 percent to reach 28.47 billion yuan.

  The European Union was Hubeis largest trading partner during this period, followed by the ASEAN, the United States and Japan, accounting for 48.1 percent of Hubei’s total import-export volume.

  Trade with Belt and Road countries totaled 30.49 billion yuan, jumping by 22.9 percent year on year, 7.5 percentage points higher than Hubei’s overall pace.

  Exports of mechanical and electrical products amounted to 37.26 billion yuan, representing 54.8 percent of the province’s total exports. The labor-intensive products hit 10.26 billion yuan, contributing 15.1 percent to the province’s total exports.

  Imports of mechanical equipments reached 8.55 billion yuan, soaring by 70.8 percent year on year.

  In the first four months, Wuhan achieved an increase of 12.5 percent of the foreign trade turnover adding up to 63.05 billion yuan, accounting for 58.7 percent of Hubeis total foreign trade. And 12 cities in Hubei showed growth in imports and exports.

  ( by Zhang Yawei)