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Main duty

  To contact with economic and trade circles,chambers of commerce,associations and related international organizations of various countries and regions in the world;To invite and host foreign economic and trade delegations and personages and organize the economic and trade delegations technology delegations and enterpriser delegations of Hubei province to go abroad for visit and investigation.

  To participate in world fairs in the name of Hubei province;To go abroad to hold trade exhibitions and to participate in international trade fairs; To coordinate and administrate economic and trade exhibitions abroad sponsored by Hubei province and international fairs in which Hubei province participates.

  To arrange and host foreign economic,trade and technical exhibitions in Hubei province;To hold international specialized and general exhibitions;To organize foreign economic and trade meetings and Sino-foreign technology exchange activities.

  To act international economic and trade arbitration and maritime arbitration; To issue certificate of origin and certificates of force majeure;To issue and legalize foreign trade and shipping documents.

  To act trademark registration and patent application in foreign countries on Hubei province’s enterprises’ behalf and in Hubei province on foreign companies’ and individual behalf;To undertake consultancy on intellectual property and industrial right of property and technology and trade businesses;To provide Law consulting service.

  To investigate and study the economy of China and foreign countries;To collect,sort out, transmit and release the economic and trade information;To provide consulting information of economic and technical cooperation and trade for related enterprises and institutions both at home and abroad;To make credit investigation into Chinese or foreign corporations or enterprises;To make feasible study and evaluation for Sino-foreign economic and technical cooperation projects.

  To give guidance to local branches;To offer training,visiting abroad,consulting service and other kinds of service for local branches & member enterprises.

  To report views and situation of enterprises to government; To study new issues of economic field and present suggestions to enterprise; To promote fair investment and trade and protect the lawful rights and interests of enterprises.

  To sign cooperation agreements with chamber of commerce, associations,economic and trade groups,industrial and commercial enterprises of foreign countries or in Hong Kong and Macao,so as to promote bilateral relations in the aspects of economic,trade and technical cooperation.

  To deal with other tasks assigned by government