As mayor, A C Wharton plays many roles. He’s a cheerleader, a negotiator, a storyteller, a strategist, a consensus builder, and a visionary. But most of all, he’s a fighter who’s constantly focused on the future and the key decisions that can move Memphis ahead. That’s why he is willing to make the tough, progressive decisions that secure the future this city wants and deserves. While others in politics choose to fight with personal attacks and define toughness by talking points, A C Wharton, Jr. continues to demonstrate a brand of leadership that fights for what is right and what is beneficial in the long run rather than what’s good for approval ratings right now. Visit this website often to learn more about Mayor Wharton’s priorities for Memphis and his achievements.



PRIORITIES: Fighting crime and blight, creating economic opportunity while reducing poverty and changing the culture of city government are top priorities for Mayor AC Wharton.

The safety of an American community is as fundamental to our system of government and way of life as are the articles of freedom that helped to shape our nation. “To ensure domestic tranquility” is not only the mission of our federal government and the armed forces that defend us from foreign enemies, but also an essential mandate for local government and peace officers who patrol our streets and protect us at home. View Mayor Wharton’s Crime Plan.


Mayor at Crosstown Groundbreaking Ceremony

ACHIEVEMENTS: Mayor Wharton implemented new, aggressive programs that increased by more than 200 percent city spending with minority and women-owned businesses. Mayor Wharton has championed fiscal responsibility for the City of Memphis to end the City’s slow march toward insolvency.  It is in this context that his willingness to do what is right versus what is popular has possibly been most pronounced.


wharton and minister spencer

NEWS: There is so much that the Mayor is responsible for and the great citizens of Memphis have an opportunity to be in the know — with the latest news and updates to events, projects and accomplishments made in the city.


Abundant Grace Church     1574 Shelby Dr., 38116
Agri-Center International     7777 Walnut Grove Rd., 38120
Anointed Temple of Praise     3939 Riverdale Rd., 38115
Bellevue Baptist Church     2000 Appling Road, 38016
Berclair Church of Christ     4536 Summer Avenue, 38122
Dave Wells Community Center     915 Chelsea Ave., 38107
Glenview Community Center     1141 S. Barksdale St., 38114
Greater Lewis Street Baptist Church     152 East Parkway N, 38104
Greater Middle Baptist Church     4982 Knight Arnold Rd., 38118
Mississippi Blvd. Christian Church     70 N. Bellevue Blvd., 38104
Mount Zion Baptist Church     60 South Parkway E, 38106
Raleigh United Methodist Church     3295 Powers Rd., 38128
Riverside Baptist Church     3560 S. Third St., 38109
Shelby County Office Building     157 Poplar Ave., 38103
Shiloh Baptist Church     3121 Range Line Rd. 38127
White Station Church of Christ     1106 Colonial Rd., 38117


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A C Wharton, Jr. has addressed longstanding challenges while making historic advances to strengthen the City of Memphis. Here’s a brief overview of such ACCOMPLISHMENTS.
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